Easy and quick steps to immigrate to Canada from India

Express Entry Canada from India is one of the most favoured immigration routes chosen by prospective immigrants from across the globe, due to its short processing time. Since its arrival in 2015, it has become one of the fastest rising immigration routes preferred by applicants. Seeking for a good review of your PR visa under the guidance of a qualified immigration specialist is easiest when you apply first.

Steps to obtain Canadian visa from Express Entry program

  • Collect supporting documentation. To determine whether to apply or not, you need to include some IRCC documentation via the Express Entry process. Any of the main records are the IELTS evaluation study, ECA, technical qualification, visa and legitimate identity certificates.
  • Create and apply the expression of Interest Profile. Your record would assess age, college qualifications, job experience, language proficiency, etc. You need a minimum CRS score of 67 out of 100 in the CRS points calculator that you picked from the Express Entry list for Canada PR. You may be invited to apply for permanent residency, depending on those conditions.
  • Since all the requirements and criteria for applying for the visa have been met, you are now awaiting an IRCC Invitation to Apply (ITA). Today, you can apply for permanent residence in Canada along with the accompanying documentation.
  • Get PR visa approval.

Additional tips for Express Entry program

You don’t have to include some kind of inaccurate information or data on your citizenship profile. This might lead to postponing or denying the visa application. Provide only correct and detailed documents to ensure that the immigration process runs smoothly and that at the first opportunity you are receiving your visa for permanent residency. Under the guidance of Canada’s immigration consultants in India, newcomers are urged to work towards quick and successful immigration into the maple leaf region.

Top 5 questions asked in the Express Entry program

We listed the top 5 questions related to taking the Highway to Canada and broke it down how the Express Entry scheme works for you. Check the best immigration consultants for advice to read more about the same.

Top 5 questions asked in the Express Entry program

  • What is Entry Express? — The Express Entry system was introduced to help speed up the Canadian immigration process and make it more available to eligible foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Canada and settle permanently in Canada.
  • How’s that working out? — You will need to build an Electronic Express Entry Profile containing information about your age, career, qualifications, work experience, language skills and other factors. You’ll have to fill up your info for 60 days. Your profile is then placed in a draw pool of other candidates and scored against other profiles based on certain requirements according to the CRS. You can obtain an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residency in Canada if your submission is one of the highest scoring profiles.
  • There’s an age limit there? — Since your profile is scored on a point-based scale, the older you get with your CRS ranking, the less points you earn. The best age to immigrate to Canada via the Express Entry Scale is between 20 and 29 years, when you can receive between 100 and 110 CRS points.
  • How does one qualify? — Whether you earn a Canada PR in the Express Entry system, or do not focus more on how good you perform in the Detailed Rating System (CRS) rating. Candidates qualifying for permanent residence by Immigration Canada 67 marks-are eligible to apply.
  • Which documents are needed? — You won’t have to add any documents to obtain an Express Entry Canada from India profile, but you need the following documents as they could include the information you need to complete your profile –
  • Passport
  • Language test results
  • Education assessment report
  • Provincial nomination (if applicable)
  • Job offer from a Canadian employer(in writing)

5 Things to consider before hiring an immigration consultant

Immigration is growing day by day and more people are immigrating to other countries from a variety of nations. Over the past couple of years, the number of Indians immigrating to other countries has been rising more in Canada. It can be very complex and time-consuming to apply for the visa, some of the citizens find it very difficult to do the entire thing on their own. Immigrant experts are able to assist with these procedures and save time. In India there are a lot of experts on immigration. There are several immigration consultants in Nehru square in India’s capital. But before picking an immigration consultant you need to remember those items.

  • Recommendation from others

Judging the previous customer feedback, you will think about the contractors, and save time and money. Specialization ranges from one specialist to another and you need to know what is their area of specialization. People will tell you what the consultants’ pros and cons are and it’s going to make you pick according to what you like.

  • Will they prepare you for Visa Interview?

If applicants do not have 100 per cent confidence in their visa interviews, their visa officials will explicitly refuse them. Per year the visa interview process gets difficult. You ought to make confident that the immigration specialist will help you train for the interview and ensure you pass the test with a single chance. In Nehru place there are several immigration consultants considered to be preparing for visa interview.

  • Experience Level of the Consultant

This is one of the primary things to note while finding an immigration consultant. When you select an immigration lawyer you need to know how many years of experience he has, lack of experience will influence the method. It is also important to look at his credentials and legal permit, since there are plenty of cases of fraud. In the CRS calculator, a non-experienced expert may not be able to help you improve the score.

  • Role in the end

Upon completion of the operation, and eventually, you are in Canada. You’ll have to decide what to do in Canada, and what rules to obey. Since hitting Canada some immigration professionals can not assist you with the procedures. Fining in and learning the rules yourself can be very complicated and awkward. In Nehru place there are several immigration consultants who offer full assistance even after the process of hitting Canada.

  • Honesty

When hiring, all the consultants guarantee you a very smooth experience. But such assurances are often not kept until the completion of the process. You must be confident that on 1st the application is accepted strive to stop losing time. Reviewing the consultant’s background will give you a strong picture of their authenticity. Be sure to raise the score in the CRS calculator if they can.

3 Distinct reasons for hiring immigration consultants in India

Immigration is now a very rising phase in Canada. The number of people who emigrate from India to Canada is rising each year. The immigration process to Canada involves many procedures and requirements which in many ways, such as technicalities, can be difficult to comprehend, highly detailed stuff. They are not needed for many people but having the help of immigration consultants in India will help with certain advantages in the process. Many individuals are constantly postponed or denied and can extend to years. Depending on the government the immigration laws continue to shift which candidates might not be aware of.

  • Helps you Understand Rules and Regulation

Applications can be comprehensive, complex and lengthy depending on the immigration reasons and circumstances. There are several licenses you need to be approved for and you need to fulfil the requirements. This way, you will benefit from consulting with an immigration specialist. They know the comprehensive rules and regulations, and are updated on any minor improvement in the law that can cause you trouble. They will raise the likelihood of accepting the application.

  • Guides You with Pathways

There are several immigrant choices or routes within Canada. Any of the choices are family support, permanent resident training in Canada, company employment, professional employees. All of this choice will annoy you and even after reading you do not know all the information on all of this choice. An immigration specialist will help you find out which route is right for you since they know the specifics of each immigration route. They will suggest a seamless procedure for you, understanding which is going to be right for you.

  • Knows which Rules to follow

Often people who have their own PR accepted don’t know what to do later. There are some laws you must obey while living in Canada and seeking legal citizenship after the immigration process has been accepted. When living in Canada, immigration experts are well informed for these laws and legislation, they can guide you navigate this.

Apart from the above listed advantages, there are even other advantages of selecting an Canada PR expert. They will make the immigration process from India into Canada quick and seamless.

Why immigration consultants have become the need of the hour?

With the changing and developing era, the journey of getting settled in life has become more and more difficult. It is rightly said that there is no end to learning. Hence, everyone is in the race of being better than the other. In this race, the path to land abroad is at the top as the result of which the journey has become more difficult. There is a long process through which an aspiring applicant has to go through to land in their dream country.

The immigration process includes:

  • Filling up the application form correctly and submitting it before the deadline.
  • Agreeing and accepting to all rules and regulations set by the Canadian authority.
  • Completing the steps without skipping any.

And many other process are included which is mandatory for every applicant to understand and then complete it simultaneously.

Benefits of Immigration Consultants in India:

There are various perks of having some experts by your side. Some of them are illustrated below.

  1. Guiding you in filling the application with the correct description. Often individuals face a lot of problems in filling the paper as a result of which they end up getting their process canceled due to some, or the other error. Hence, the experts help you analyze the questions asked and then fill it accordingly.
  2. They keep informing you about all the changes that are made in the laws of the Canadian government. As it keeps changing very frequently so it is very difficult to keep a note of all of them.
  3. Immigration consultants in India help in selecting the course or programs. Three are an end number of programs available for all. Thus it is not possible for an applicant to know about them all and then apply due to which they end up selecting the ones which either they would have heard by someone or someone in their circle has done it.

These were only a few of the benefits which you could enjoy once you start consulting the right agencies. So, start the search for the immigration consultants for Canada, and make your dream come true.

Planning to immigrate to Canada? We can help!

People immigrate to other more developed countries throughout the world every year. Immigration is sometimes the only way for some people to bring about a change in their lives and move forward in their field of work. Even in India, thousands of people migrate every year to western countries in search of better opportunities, higher pay, and better facilities.

Canada immigration consultants are licensed to be an immigration consultant and ensure that your application gets passed without any hassles for a convenient migration. It makes more sense to leave the professionals to do their job instead of trying to wrap your head around something which can take up months to understand clearly.

Advantages of migrating to Canada:

Canada is a developed country with a very healthy economy and a very immigrant-friendly policy which has made it one of the top destinations for people looking to immigrate. Your Canada immigration consultants will ensure that your immigration application gets approved without any complications and allow you to start your new life.

Apply for Express Entry to Canada:

For professionals and skilled workers applying for immigration to Canada from India, the federal government of Canada has the Express Entry system. This system allows for a much faster application approval process and you can immigrate within a short period of time as opposed to the usual process and time taken for approval.

Importance of CRS score for Express Entry:

CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System is a system of awarding points to immigration applicants based on their profile to check whether they qualify for the Express entry system.

There are a total of 3 programs under the Express Entry system, the FSWP, the FSTP, and the CEC. 67 CRS points are said to be the minimum you must score to be able to qualify for the FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program). In case you fail to achieve the 67 points immigration Canada, you can easily increase your points through:

  • Improving your language skills and proficiency.
  • Complete a degree or a diploma.
  • Get a job offer from a company operating in Canada.

What makes immigrants relocate to Canada?

On the off chance that we check the ICCRC records for as far back as barely any years, the quantity of settlers moving to Canada has gone amazingly high. In addition, what are the significant purposes behind individuals from around the globe to pick Canada as their new home separated from the remainder of the globe? Canada immigration consultants in India would be the best ones to answer the equivalent. Be that as it may, to smooth out a portion of these inquiries, the underneath referenced are the absolute most unmistakable focuses which make Canada witness such an immense number of outsiders.

  • One of the greatest economies in the World: Canada is the tenth greatest economy on the planet, therefore requires a ton of labour just as talented experts who can assist them with adapting up to the development and accomplish new monetary statues.
  • Canada advances all the way of life close by inviting the foreigners: Canada is in critical need of talented also untalented experts who can enable them to develop, along these lines, they grasp migrants with applicable abilities and furthermore humour you in the general public, regardless of your social foundation!
  • Best in class training framework: The state funded colleges of Canada give the top tier training, in this manner draws in understudies from all around the globe.
  •  World-class Healthcare arrangement: The social insurance benefits gave by the Canadian government are unequalled, along these lines baits a great deal of settlers to have the option to profit them.
  • Highly protected and wonderful condition: The contamination free condition, just as the lovely landscape of the nation, is likewise one of the significant attractions for individuals moving to Canada, nearby being probably the most secure nation on the planet for both the sexes with the nearly insignificant crime percentage.

Indeed, clearly, the previously mentioned focuses appear to be sufficient for any human on the planet to move to such an extraordinary nation which offers the best of whatever is required to live calmly. You can interface with your closest best immigration consultants to pick up data in regards to the immigration procedure.

Steps to apply through Canada’s Express Entry program from India

In the event that you are anticipating applying for express entry Canada from India, you have to know each part of the application procedure to not to pass up your odds of getting chose. In addition, it is continuously a superior alternative to take the assistance of experienced immigration consultants who will manage you al all through the application procedure and make things much simple for you. That, however it would likewise increment the odds of your application to get chose in the first go itself.

Here is a Step by step control for you to apply for the Canada Express Entry:

  1.  Contact a perceived surveying position to achieve your ECA (Educational Credential Assessment).
  2. Show up for and accomplish fitting imprints in the IELTS test.
  3.  Pick your pertinent classification to apply under the rundown of National Occupational Classification.
  4. Make your own one of a kind Express Entry Profile and present your application with an Expression of Interest.
  5. Whenever invited, you will get a greeting IRCC Canada to present the significant records for check and commencement of the Visa procedure.
  6. On the off chance that every one of your archives get confirmed, you will be conceded your Visa under the Express Entry Canada from India.

As simple as the application procedure appears, there are various obstacles that may stall out and from that point, postpone your application procedure. You can generally enlist Canada Immigration Consultants in India who can assist you with sliding through the application procedure, as easily as could reasonably be expected and manual for the best of their insight to get your application endorsed under the most limited of the time length.

Beneath referenced are the 4 projects under which the applications are acknowledged in the Express Entry:

  1. Federal Skilled Traders: This classification is intended for individuals with specialized claims to fame, and labourers.
  2. Federal Skilled Workers: This classification is appropriate for higher instructive affirmations with a great order over the English language.
  3. Provincial Nominee Program: This is intended for the individuals who are applying under the different commonplace projects run in Canada.
  4. Canadian Experience Class: This is intended for individuals who as of now have applicable working involvement with Canada.

To get increasingly information and direction, you can TCWW, Canada immigration consultants in India who can get you out with any sort of questions identified with Express entry and guide you through the application process.

New visa steams for Indian planning to study in Canada

Do you prefer to study in Canada? You will at that point discover why in 2018 in excess of 130,000 Indian students chose Canada as their goal for the decision of study. Before applying for a visa, you should initially enlist for a Canadian college to study in Canada. Try not to invest extra energy and cash applying for a program that doesn’t satisfy all measures. Work along the best Canada immigration consultants to find out about the equivalent.

Canada is opening the new Visa Stream for Indian Students

Where is all the work in Canada to be finished? The most straightforward alternative is to give students who need to study in Canada speedier worker licenses. The Student Direct Stream (SDS) is one of the visa options. You need to apply for a Canadian work visa on the off chance that you live in India, China, the Philippines, furthermore, Vietnam. An imminent Indian student for the most part takes at any rate five weeks to finish the Canadian examination license, yet with the new Student Direct Stream, Canada is attempting to diminish the endorsement period much more. Canada has expanded the worldwide guidelines of instruction and plans to carry in excess of 480,000 global students to the country by 2022. Get your Canada PR now.

You should think about various things – in the event that you are an Indian student who chooses to study with SDS in Canada. This is the incredible thing about this stage and has a quicker handling time. You additionally need better English or French language aptitudes to apply.

When are you to apply for a student visa to Canada?

Numerous Canadian schools will be making their ways for competitors from January to April so that turnaround times can be exceptionally occupied with during this period. Ensure you know absolutely how you’re picked foundation applications on the grounds that specific colleges have various times of acknowledgment you

Don’t need to submit late. Be cautious until August, you submit in September, in any case, the college will naturally deny your solicitation. Need to find out about immigration to Canada from India? Connect with an expert now!

How immigration consultants help in migrating to Canada and what service do they provide?

As the number of people willing to relocate to the Maple Leaf Country is increasing rapidly. Simultaneously, the establishment of new immigration agencies is also growing. But at times people search for the services that these professionals provide so that they can understand why having their support throughout the process is so important.

These professionals of the best Canada immigration consultants are trained as well as experienced in this field. So they are well aware of all the new information and changes made. They provide services for every stage of your Canadian immigration process.

The services provided by them at every stage are outlined below:

  • The experts will guide you in preparing all your documents. As several papers are required to be submitted so the professionals in advance elaborate on what all papers the clients need to keep handy.
  • Before submission, they will review everything to check whether everything is in order or not.
  • Moreover, they advise you on the best method through which you can describe your work experience.
  • They skip your risk of forgetting the deadlines as the immigration consultants in India deals with such work regularly so they keep you updated with all the deadlines.
  • They assist you in the process of obtaining a medical and clearance certificate as and when required by the IRCC.
  • Most importantly they advise and keep you informed about your application status regularly.
  • They represent you in front of the Canadian government, as they are aware of all questions that are being asked by the officers. So on your behalf, they can be the representative and cross this hurdle.

Thus it is always advised to seek the guidance of the professional experts as they are equipped with the essential tricks which are required for successful completion of the process. Start working to reach the destination in the smoothest way possible. Together with the help of a specialist you can complete the process with less hurdle and less stress. So, consult the best Canada immigration consultants and keep excelling.