The easiest steps to apply through Express Entry Canada from India

One of the easiest options is to apply to their Express entry service if you are thinking about immigrating to Canada. But doing the same could take a lot of skilled support that you can get by hiring one of Delhi’s most reliable Canada Immigration consultants in Delhi. If you are willing to apply under the Express Entry, a brief procedure is listed below.

Check your eligibility: You must first and foremost check your eligibility in one of the three categories specified in the Express Entry Program. If you’re going to end well in one of those, so you’ll be ready to go. The three listed categories are set out below. Exploring the same online feel free:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

Prepare all the Documents: Once you have guaranteed the eligibility with the assistance of one of the Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi, start gathering all the papers you will be expected to apply if your application is approved.

Create and upload your online profile: You must create your express entry profile to enquire about all of your material. You will receive the CRS score on the basis of the information you submit, which will be the most significant justification for approving your submission. To get an idea of your predicted score, you can use the help of an online CRS points calculator. Receive Invitation and apply for your PR: If your ranking ranks equally high and beats the other applicants in your draw, you will be formally invited to apply for Canada PR. You will be given 60 days post-invitation to upload all of your paperwork and start your Canada PR process. If you upload all the papers, you will receive an answer from the immigration authority sometime within 6 months concerning the same one.

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