Easy and quick steps to immigrate to Canada from India

Express Entry Canada from India is one of the most favoured immigration routes chosen by prospective immigrants from across the globe, due to its short processing time. Since its arrival in 2015, it has become one of the fastest rising immigration routes preferred by applicants. Seeking for a good review of your PR visa under the guidance of a qualified immigration specialist is easiest when you apply first.

Steps to obtain Canadian visa from Express Entry program

  • Collect supporting documentation. To determine whether to apply or not, you need to include some IRCC documentation via the Express Entry process. Any of the main records are the IELTS evaluation study, ECA, technical qualification, visa and legitimate identity certificates.
  • Create and apply the expression of Interest Profile. Your record would assess age, college qualifications, job experience, language proficiency, etc. You need a minimum CRS score of 67 out of 100 in the CRS points calculator that you picked from the Express Entry list for Canada PR. You may be invited to apply for permanent residency, depending on those conditions.
  • Since all the requirements and criteria for applying for the visa have been met, you are now awaiting an IRCC Invitation to Apply (ITA). Today, you can apply for permanent residence in Canada along with the accompanying documentation.
  • Get PR visa approval.

Additional tips for Express Entry program

You don’t have to include some kind of inaccurate information or data on your citizenship profile. This might lead to postponing or denying the visa application. Provide only correct and detailed documents to ensure that the immigration process runs smoothly and that at the first opportunity you are receiving your visa for permanent residency. Under the guidance of Canada’s immigration consultants in India, newcomers are urged to work towards quick and successful immigration into the maple leaf region.

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