The basics of CRS points calculator you need to know

Diversity, inclusive immigration policy and attractive job prospects in Canada draw people from all over the world to come to this beautiful country. Canada Permanent Residency helps eligible foreign workers to stay with their families in Canada and to reap the many benefits provided by the visa programme. You will apply for permanent citizenship after having lived and worked in Canada for 3 years. Completing the procedure earns you a 5-year visa for multiple visits, which also helps your partner to work.


To apply for a Canada PR Visa you must be at least 18 years old. You get points for age factor up to the age of 46 but the highest points for the point-based entry scheme can be earned in the age range 18-35. To apply for PR Visa, you need to submit many documents such as Passport, Bert Diploma, Certificates of Educational Degree and mark sheets, as well as letters of offer from your employer. In addition, to initiate the Canada PR process, you would require a police clearance certificate and a certain minimum score in the IELTS test. Using CRS Points Calculator to determine your qualifications.

Point System

The Express Entry system is an online system which is used by qualified employees to handle Canada PR Visa applications. Candidates must fill in the necessary information and submit the appropriate documentation. Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a method used to evaluate and rate each applicant individually. CRS Points Calculator measures the ranking, depending on certain parameters, for each candidate. Needed minimum score in 67. Priority is granted to Candidates with better scores.

Our immigration consultants in Delhi can help you get this process completed easily and efficiently. Having the Permanent Residency Card also offers free child education as well as health insurance for the whole family. It helps you to invite your parents after you’ve settled down and also provides you access to the U.S.

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