How to score points in the CRS points calculator?

The Express Entry system is an online system which is used by qualified employees to handle Canada PR Visa applications. Candidates must fill in the necessary information and submit the appropriate documentation. Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a method used to evaluate and rate each applicant individually. CRS Points Calculator measures the ranking, depending on certain parameters, for each candidate. Needed minimum score in 67. Priority is granted to Candidates with better scores.

How you can score points in CRS

You can score points in the CRS Points Calculator depending on:

  • Age: You must be 47 or older. You should score no more than 12 points in this class.
  • Language: You must be qualified either in English or French, or both. You may also take a language test from an agency or entity accredited by CIC for each language for which you wish to be tested. Inside this department you can gain a maximum of 25 points.
  • Education: In this section you can score maximum 25 points. You ought to get at least one or his identical high school diploma. The Professional Certification Review would evaluate your credentials and decide whether your skills are acceptable according to Canadian guidelines.
  • Arranged Employment: Inside this department you will get a limit of 10 marks. You will earn points if a Canadian organisation’s work offer is legitimate and prearranged.
  • Job experience: Inside this section you can score a maximum of 15 points. You will get higher score for better job experience in this branch.
  • Adaptability: This branch has a overall score of 10 points. When you immigrate to Canada together you and your partner can earn points in this section.

Canada Immigration by PR Visa is a lengthy and drawn-out process and you want to make sure that the application goes smoothly. Our highly qualified immigration consultants in Delhi will be delighted to assist with the process of your submission.

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