Know more about the Canada PR Process

Getting Canadian PR has become very easy for skilled workers from around the world with the right skills and qualifications. Under the Express Entry program, you can easily get the Canada PR if you hire one of the best immigration consultants in Delhi and start working on your immigration from day one. There are various factors that can help you boost your chances of getting the PR without much hassle. Some of them are as mentioned below. Follow them and increase your chances of moving to Canada to a great extent.

Get a job under an Employer from Canada:

If you succeed in getting an LMIA approved job under one of the Canadian employers, it can become a boon for your Canadian immigration. It will keep your application on priority and provide you an upper edge over the thousands of other applicants in your express entry pool.

Try to get nominated by a province:

The provincial nomination is one of the best ways to boost your Canada PR process. However, to get the same, you shall be required to surf through the requirements of the various provinces under the PNPs and apply under one where your application fits perfectly. Getting the nomination will almost confirm your Canada PR, provided that you complete all the required formalities correctly within the stipulated time.

Try to increase your CRS score as much as possible:

You already must have become aware of the importance of the CRS score for applying under the Express Entry program. Moreover, there are several ways with which you can boost your current CRS score to come one step closer to Canada. Try to keep increasing your score till the time your immigration to Canada is finally accepted.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, when you get on-board one of the best immigration consultants in Delhi to guide you, they will ensure that you give in your best towards your Canadian immigration. All you shall need to keep in mind is that you hire only the consultants who have a registration under the ICCRC.

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