Search for an Experienced Immigration Consultant for Canada

Canada has been a top choice for immigration over the past few decades. Being a developed country with a strong economy and infrastructure it makes sense that there are opportunities for anyone who wishes to start a new life or move forward in their career. Even in India, thousands of people migrate every year to western countries in search of better opportunities, higher pay, and better facilities. Immigration is responsible for millions of people moving to countries all over the world and is one of the major ways countries gain talents and diversity in their population.

The best immigration consultants who are licensed will ensure that your application gets passed without any hassles for a convenient migration. It makes more sense to leave the professionals to do their job instead of trying to wrap your head around something which can take up months to understand clearly.

Change your life by moving to Canada:

Canada is a developed country and has the highest rates of immigration when it comes to Indian immigrants. Canada has a developed infrastructure, healthcare, and education services which significantly raises the quality of life in the country. The best immigration consultants will ensure that you know everything there is to know about the place you are immigrating to and what kind of culture you should expect.

Details about the Express Entry System:

Setup by the Federal government of Canada, in partnership with the various provincial governments, the express entry system works to allow fast entry to applicants with critically important skills.

Your Canada immigration consultants in India will also inform you in detail about the 3 programs under the Express entry system.

  • FSWP (Federal Skilled Workers Program)
  • FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program)
  • CEC (Canada Experience Class)

The qualification for these programs is based on the CRS scale wherein the points are awarded based on many factors. The final score is then counted towards whether you are eligible to be processed under any of these programs. The scores are merit-based and take into account a variety of things to determine your eligibility.

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